On-Campus Interviews

Interview with employers without leaving campus. We partner with employers to host their interviews in our office.

Tips and Policies

If you're interested in requesting an interview, you must do so through Handshake. Log in with your uta.edu email and password and follow the below steps:

  • Click on the “Jobs” tab.
  • Select “On-Campus Interviews”.
  • Select the company you wish to interview with from the list.
  • Click on the “Related Job” title, review the job description, and verify if you meet all qualifications.
  • Click “Apply”.
  • Once the posting closes, you will be notified if you have been selected to sign up for an interview timeslot.

Failing to appear for an interview, without previously cancelling, will be deemed a “no-show”. “No-Shows” reflect badly, not only on you, but on UTA as well. We want to ensure our employer partners have a positive experience while on campus. When you cancel an on-campus interview in an untimely manner or fail to show up entirely, it damages our relationship with employers. Damaged relationships can lead to a loss of resources and access to future opportunities for fellow UTA students and alumni.

You must cancel your interview no later than 9:00 a.m. the day before your scheduled interview date.

  • Option 1: Call us at 817-272-2932 or email us at careers@uta.edu and state that you need to cancel your on-campus interview.
  • Option 2: Cancel online through Handshake:

    • Login to your Handshake
    • Select “Jobs” from the top menu, then “Applications”.
    • Locate your pending interview.
    • Click on the interview title, and on the next page, click “Leave Slot”.

Note: You will only be able to cancel online before 11:59 pm through the stated “Sign-up End Date” noted under “Timeline” on the interview page. The “Sign-up End Date” varies by employer and schedule – typically, 2-4 days before the interview date -- so pay close attention. If you do not see the option to leave your timeslot, then you've missed the online cancellation deadline and you must contact the UTA Career Development Center directly at 817-272-2932 or careers@uta.edu.

  • Interview Day Emergencies: In the event of a sudden illness or personal emergency on the interview day, you are expected to contact the UTA Career Development Center at 817-272-2932 or careers@uta.edu as soon as possible

If you “no-show” for an interview:

  • Your Handshake account will be inactivated.
  • To re-activate your account, you must meet with one of our Career Engagement and Professional Development staff members to discuss the repercussions of missing the interview. You will receive an email from a career development center representative with instructions on how to reactivate your Handshake account.