International Students

Explore how international students can work on campus.
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International Students

In general, international students enter the U.S. on a visa (F1 or J1) that includes automatic work authorization at the institution they attend. Please contact the Office of International Education to make sure this is the case for you before applying to student employment positions. There may be additional restrictions on your employment due to visa regulations. It is your responsibility to fully understand how your visa status affects your employment options. An on-campus verification employment letter may be needed to obtain your first job on-campus.

Please work with your employing department and the Office of International Education to get this document signed and processed.

In general, international students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week during a semester. You may not engage in on-campus employment after the program end date listed on your I-20. When you get an on-campus job, you will be required to pay tax on your earnings. You may qualify for exemptions if your home country has a tax treaty with the United States.

Please work with the Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement, the Office of International Education, and Payroll Services to ensure you complete the necessary paperwork.