Master's and Doctoral Degrees

Congratulations! If you are completing your academic requirements for a master’s or doctoral degree at UTA within the next two semesters, you are considered a candidate for graduation.

Academic Deadlines and Eligibility for Graduation

Each candidate for graduation must complete degree requirements in accordance with the Graduate Catalog and departmental requirements.

All candidates for graduation must file an Application for Graduation with the Graduate School by the deadline specified in the Graduate School calendar for the semester of graduation. Neither the graduation application nor graduation fees are transferable to a subsequent semester; therefore, if a student does not graduate in the semester indicated in the initial application, a new application must be filed for the semester of graduation and the appropriate fees paid again. Graduation charges are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Students who fail to apply for graduation by the deadline specified in the Graduate School calendar may apply late by completing the Application for Graduation and paying a late fee. Applications for graduation will be accepted with a late fee for 30 calendar days after the deadline for applying for graduation. (If this date falls on a weekend, the deadline for applying late will be the Monday after the date.) After that date, no applications will be accepted and students must apply for graduation for a subsequent semester.

No honorary degree will be conferred by UTA.