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Toward Excellence, Access, and Success Grant Program (TEXAS Grant)

Note: Priority deadline for non-renewals is January 15th each year.

This grant is available to undergraduate students who are Texas residents and meet both specific academic criteria as well as demonstrated financial need based on available funding.

All TEXAS Grant recipients must:

  1. Be registered with Selective Service, or be exempt.
  2. Be eligible for need-based aid based on COA and EFC (prioritization of initial/first year awards will be made to students with an EFC of 6,234 or less).
  3. Be classified as a Texas resident.
  4. Have not been convicted of a felony or crime involving a controlled substance.
  5. Be enrolled at least three-quarter time.

There are 4 avenues a student can initially be eligible to receive a TEXAS Grant award:

incoming freshman

  1. Graduated from an accredited public or private high school in Texas.
  2. Enroll at UTA within 16 months of graduation having not already accumulated more than 30 credit hours (excluding credits from dual enrollment and by examination).
  3. First priority will be given to incoming freshman who meet 2 out of the 4 academic requirements listed below:
Area Requirements
Advanced Academic Program

12 hour of college credit (dual credit or AP courses), complete the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP), or complete the International Baccalaureate Program (IB).

TSI Readiness

Meet the Texas Success Initiatives (TSI) assessment thresholds or qualify for an exemption

Class Standing

Graduate in the top one/third of the HS graduating class or have a B average

Advanced Math

Complete at least one math course beyond Algebra II as determined by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Complete at least one advanced career and technical course, as determined by TEA.

Transfer with an Associate’s degree

  1. Earn an Associate’s degree from a Texas college.
  2. Enroll at UTA within 12 months of earning Associate’s degree.

Transfer without Associate’s degree but received a TEOG Award

  1. Transfer to UTA with at least 24 credit hours and 2.5 transfer GPA.
  2. Received an initial TEOG Grant (Texas Education Opportunity Grant) in Fall 2014 or later at previous college.

Renewal Award

  1. Received the TEXAS Grant at previous college.
  2. Currently meeting renewal requirements.
  3. Not exceeded maximum time frame.

Renewal requirements

At the end of the first year receiving the TEXAS Grant, a student must be meeting institutional SAP policy.

At the end of the second year and beyond, a student must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA and complete 24 credit hours each academic year (Dropped/Failed/Incomplete courses do not count as completed).

  • If a student falls short of 24 hours or 2.5 GPA after the Fall/Spring semesters, they may take courses during the following summer semester here at UTA or another college to make up any shortfall.

Maximum Time Frames

All TEXAS Grant recipients lose their eligibility once they've attempted more than 150 total credit hours or once they've earned their bachelor’s degree. Also:

  • Received TEXAS Grant as freshman – max 5 years* from first award or 150 attempted hours while receiving TEXAS Grant.
  • Received TEXAS Grant by Associate’s degree – max 3 years* from first award or 90 attempted hours while receiving TEXAS Grant.

*The years indicated is a window of eligibility, not the total number of times they can receive it.

TASFA Application

The TASFA application here at UTA applies a Dreamer/undocumented student for the TEXAS Grant program. Therefore, all TEXAS Grant eligibility requirements apply to TASFA applicants as well.