Presidential Honors Scholarship

The Presidential Honors Scholars are selected from our highest academically achieving incoming freshmen. An UTA Presidential Honors Scholar will receive a $12,000 award annually or up to $48,000 over four years of eligibility. To be considered a student will need to have a combination of the following profile at the time of admission:

  • The eligibility requirements for scholarships recipients will be available later in the fall semester.

This scholarship includes the non-resident waiver for students that are not residents of the State of Texas. This will reduce tuition and fees to the level paid by in-state residents for up to four years if the student remains in good academic standing for the duration of the scholarship.

Learn more about our renewal requirements.

Note: Consideration for merit-based scholarships is a highly competitive process. Meeting the requirements for this scholarship guarantees the applicant will be considered but does not guarantee an award. Students are offered the highest scholarship value they are eligible to receive based on their academic credentials and available funds. Receiving the Presidential Honors Scholarship does not signify admission to the UTA Honors College. For more information about admission to the Honors College please visit the UTA Honors College website.