Students are encouraged to follow University protocols while on campus (Coronavirus (COVID-19 Updates). This includes the wearing of masks while inside buildings, maintaining social distancing at all times, daily self-monitoring for symptoms as well as continuing to request any meetings to be in an online format (Teams, Zoom). Again please call or use email as your first method of contact.

All spring, summer and fall 2020 commencement ceremonies are postponed. Graduating students will receive their degrees as scheduled, but the ceremonies will be rescheduled when it is safe to do so. To learn more, please go to UTA’s commencement webpage at FAQs.

Students, Staff and Faculty please monitor your UTA email accounts. For future instructions, please also watch the MavAlert Emergency Notification System, the main webpage and the Coronavirus (COVID-19 Updates).

Our Faculty and Staff Resources includes telecommuting FAQs and information about Business Affairs and HR operations.

Please review the information below to resolve any issues you may be having:

Canvas issue: Student Hotline: 1 (855) 597-3401. You can also log onto Canvas and LiveChat with a representative.
Faculty Hotline: 1 (855) 597-3403. You can also log onto Canvas and LiveChat with a representative.

Outlook/MyMav issue: go to to report an issue.

Advising: Undergraduate:

Vendor questions: Martha Ambrosio at

Faculty concerns:
Accounting: Dr. Venkataraman,
Economics: Dr. Meiners,
Finance and Real Estate: Dr. Sabherwal,
Information Systems and Operations Management: Dr. Mahapatra,
Management: Dr. Benson,
Marketing: Dr. Briggs,

For Assistance with Remote Desktop Connection and VPN: and
For Assistance on How to Download Microsoft Teams:
For additional assistance, please contact or call: (817)-272-5230 (we will have calls forwarded to our support personnel).

Any issue not addressed above, please contact or call 817-272-2882.

Watch for updates through various media – email, MAVAlert, and UTAs COVID-19 page.



Q: How do I reach an advisor?  

Contact for Undergraduate Advising.
Contact for Graduate Advising.

Q: How do I know the modality for my class? 

Go to MyMav and do a class search. Read the Course Attribute and Course Attribute description. If you have any questions, contact the instructor.

Q: I have a disability. How will I receive my accommodations in online classes?  

Faculty will use your original accommodations letter and provide the appropriate and identified accommodations. If you need additional accommodations as a result of online learning, please contact your faculty member or contact UTA’s Office of Students with Disabilities.

Q: I am ill or have been in an accident and have been unable to complete my assignments due to the severity of my illness/accident. What do I do now?  

Faculty members will work with you on a case-by-case basis to discuss your situation and next steps.

Q: I am a graduate student and need a graduate form. How to obtain the form?  

Please go to this link: Graduate forms  

Listening Session Q&A

Listening Session - Q&A - 11.11.20

Listening Session Videos

Listening Session - Undergraduate Students

Listening Session - Graduate Students


Listening Session FAQ

Undergraduate Listening Session 8.4.20 / Graduate Listening Session 8.5.20

Q: How many online classes can international students take to maintain their F-1 status in the U.S? because I do not have an option to select a hybrid or face to face option for some of my classes.

For our continuing students and transfer students who remained in the U.S., you do not have to enroll in any hybrid or face-to-face courses. So, in that way, you are not required to enroll in those classes, and it should not be a problem at this point. For new students to the UTA, you should enroll in at least one Hybrid or Face to Face course. Please contact the Office of International Education for further information: 817-272-2355 or

Q: Will there be a new I-20 available for students who want to remain in the U.S? if yes, then what are the procedures I need to follow?

If you have a current, valid I-20, there is no need for a new I-20.

Q: If all the classes are back to online, will I be able to remain in the U.S and continue my studies?

Yes. In the latest guidance, regardless of what happens based on UTA’s response to the coronavirus, you can remain in the U.S. even if classes are purely online.

Q: Is there a possibility that class will go back to a completely online format at any point during this semester, and if that were to happen, how much notice would students be given?

UTA is maintaining a fluid response to the coronavirus pandemic as required and all parties should be prepared to go fully online if needed. UTA will notify students by various methods. A leadership group meets regularly regarding the changing nature of this situation. If it is in the best interests of UTA to go back to fully online, there are plans in place to do so.

Q: What is the plan regarding work study jobs?

Student positions are still active and being filled. All positions, both work study and non-work study, are being posted to Handshake.

Q: How can the international Insurance hold be removed?

If this is for a new student, you need to complete your pre-orientation modules at which point the international holds will be removed. Some holds may be due to advising and the student will need to reach out to their academic advisor.

If you are outside the U.S., you need to accept the Overseas Online Agreement in MyMav before you can register. Once you register you will have access to the pre-orientation modules. You must complete those modules before you international holds will be removed. Again, consult with your academic advisor.

Q: Many of my students are not comfortable coming to in-person classes even in a hybrid alternative. Will they need to make the choice to sit out for the semester? Or can they make arrangements with that professor? If compromising health issues; how would they work through that?

Student health is the priority for UTA CoB. Most faculty members are willing to make accommodations. Please speak with your instructor. Classes may be available in an online format and students should consult with their advisors on available online courses and how registering for online classes will affect their paths toward graduation. Students can contact the Office for Students with Disabilities to request an accommodation. More information is available in the Fall 2020 FAQs on UTA’s Coronavirus and Fall 2020 Planning Page.

Q: When should students expect to hear about materials needed for classes?

The syllabus should be available to all students 10 days before the beginning of class. If you would like to obtain that information prior to this time, please reach out to your instructor directly.