Frequently Asked Questions about the College of Business and COVID-19

Q: How do I drop a class?  

To drop a class, contact your appropriate undergraduate (alpha) advisor or graduate advisor to perform this task via email. The last day to drop is April 10th at 4:00pm.

Q: There is no one in the advising office, how do I get advised?  

Contact for Undergraduate Advising.
Contact for Graduate Advising.

Q: Can I register for summer and fall classes?  

Yes, registration will open on April 6th.

To schedule an appointment with your Undergraduate Advisor, please go to this link.

To schedule an appointment with your Graduate Advisor, contact your program advisor.

Q: I have a disability. How will I receive my accommodations in online classes?  

Faculty will use your original accommodations letter and provide the appropriate and identified accommodations. If you need additional accommodations as a result of online learning, please contact your faculty member or contact UTA’s Office of Students with Disabilities.  

Q: I am ill or have been in an accident and have been unable to complete my assignments due to the severity of my illness/accident. What do I do now?  

Faculty members will work with you on a case-by-case basis to discuss your situation and next steps.

Q: I am a graduate student and need a graduate form. How to obtain the form?  

Please go to this link: Graduate forms