Engineering Departments

Bioengineering Masters of Science


Biomedical engineers create human tissue and artificial organs, develop tools to fight cancer and other diseases, and build tools to gain better images of tumors and internal organs.

Electrical Engineering Masters of Science


Electrical engineers design, develop, and test most of the computer and electronic devices you use today, from smart phones to smart homes. This also includes Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS devices which allow so much of the modern world to communicate.

Industrial Masters Engineering

Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Industrial engineers design systems that merge people, processes, technology, and information to provide services and/or manufacturing products efficiently, productively, and safely.

Mechanical Engineering Masters of Engineering


No professions unleash the spirit of innovation like Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. From flight to alternative energy, we constantly discover how to improve lives by creating bold new solutions that connect science to life in unexpected, forward-thinking ways.