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Offering Master's and Ph.D. degrees and a minor in materials science and engineering
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What Materials Engineers Do

Any technological advancement is based on the invention of new materials and all engineering disciplines are using such new and novel materials. Thus, the role of materials science and engineering is fundamental and should be looked at as the link between science and engineering, resulting in advancement of all engineering disciplines. Materials engineers design and discover new or improve the properties of materials to solve technological, societal, and environmental problems.

About Materials Science and Engineering Academic Programs

The MSE department has been at the forefront of emerging materials technology by designing and discovering new materials and offering innovative curricula in nanotechnology, computational materials, and advanced functional material, including materials for energy, nano/micro electronics, bioapplications, aerospace applications and more. MSE at UTA is the oldest, largest and most diversified program in North Texas. The Materials Science and Engineering Department is a university-wide, interdisciplinary graduate program with nine core materials faculty and twenty affiliated faculty spanning from physics and chemistry to electrical, mechanical, aerospace, civil and bioengineering.

The department has one of the highest research expenditures to faculty ratios at UTA. The department’s growth is aided by high levels of research funding from NSF, DOE, ONR, NASA, DOD and other federal, industrial and state sources.

MSE graduates take advantage of the nationwide high demand for materials engineers with salaries among the highest from all engineering disciplines. Our graduates enjoy leadership positions in academia, national labs and at companies such as ALCON, Applied Materials, Intel Corp., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, IBM, Owens Corning, and Texas Instruments, among others.

Research in Materials Science and Engineering

The MSE department has one of the highest Ph.D. student to faculty ratio and research expenditures to faculty ratio at UTA.

The department has one of the highest Ph.D. student and research expenditures to faculty ratios at UTA. The department has high levels of research funding from NSF, DOE, ONR, NASA, DOD and other federal, industrial and state sources in the areas of micro/nano electronic devices, high temperature coatings, self-assembled nanomaterials, multifunctional, nanocomposite thin films, biomimetic materials, bio/nanomagnets, materials for clean energy, advanced low friction thin films and lubricants and corrosion. Below are descriptions of some of our research labs.

While we are a graduate program, undergraduate students may choose a Materials Science and Engineering Minor or pursue an undergraduate Certificate in Nanotechnology.

Admission Requirements

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Some Department Highlights

Research Areas

  • Nanomaterials/Nanotechnology
  • Biomaterials
  • Energy Materials
  • Surface Engineering: Thin Films, Coatings, Tribology
  • Electronic Materials
Materials Science Research

Scholarship for Undergraduate Materials Research

UTA was recently awarded an $800,000 PREM (Partnership for Research and Education in Materials) grant from the National Science Foundation to partner with Northwestern University's Materials Research Science and Engineering Center in research and education.

Undergraduate Scholarships for Materials Research

MSE Master Scholarship

The MSE Department offers scholarships to all qualified new Master students. No additional application is required. The Graduate Advisor will contact you upon submitting your application.


Dr. Efstathios "Stathis" Meletis
Department Chair

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