Materials Science and Engineering Master of Science Degree Program

Material Science and Engineering Masters of Science

Objective and Description

The graduate program in materials science and engineering is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of phenomena occurring in materials and their associated chemical, electrical, mechanical, and physical properties. The master’s program prepares students for professional careers in materials science and engineering or for additional studies at the doctoral level.

Degree Overview

The Master of Science program in Materials Science and Engineering is designed to provide advanced understanding of materials science and engineering and relevant practical skills. The interdisciplinary nature of the program enables students to pursue research opportunities in diverse areas, and to pursue a successful career in a broad range of leading-edge industries. The program also prepares students for additional studies at the doctoral level.

About the Program

Candidates for a Master of Science degree will gain mastery knowledge on properties of metals, polymers, ceramics, composite materials, or electronic materials, as well as a number of other areas. As the program is broadly interdisciplinary, actively involving faculty in both the College of Science and the College of Engineering, students can pursue diverse areas of expertise and enjoy a broad spectrum of career paths with:

  • 4 core courses for fundamental knowledge on MSE principles
  • 4-6 electives for chosen career path
  • Research with core and affiliated faculties

Degree options

Option 1: Master of Science – Thesis

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or physical science is required for admission
  • 24 credit hours course work (8 courses) and 6 credit hour thesis.

Option 2: Master of Science – Thesis Substitute

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Physical Science is required for admission
  • 27 credit hours course work (9 courses) and 3 credit hour research project (MSE 5394).
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    Requirements for Licensure or Certification

    All discipline specific programs in the College of Engineering meet educational requirements for professional licensure or certification in all U.S. states, territories, and the District of Columbia.

    Pursuing a Master's Degree in the College of Engineering

    The responsibility rests with each student for knowing the rules, regulations, and filing deadlines of the Graduate School and their respective department. This page provides general information only. Requirements of the Graduate School and the academic department must be met.

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