UTA Machine Shop

Hours of operation 7:30am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday

Machine List

  • 2 Manual milling machines (42 x 10 x 6 travel)
  • 3 manual Lathes
  • Vf-2 Haas CNC milling machine (28 x 16 x 12 travel)
  • Haas Mini Mill CNC Machine (16 x 10 x 10 travel)
  • Haas TL1 CNC Lathe (8 inch diameter max)
  • Wazer water jet (20 x 14 travel) thickness depends on material
  • Surface grinder (17 x 8 x 12 travel)
  • Sheer can cut things up to ¼ thickness
  • Bandsaws (horizonal and vertical)
  • Welders (can weld very small things with laser welder)


The hourly rate is $40.00 per hour for internal and non-UTA work with a one hour minimum charge and will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

All requests must be accompanied by a work order form before work is started. All work order forms must be filled out with account numbers and account manager’s or P.I. signature approving such charges before work can begin.


Woolf Hall Rm 116
500 West 1st Street
Arlington TX76019


Scott Eichmann
Machine Shop Supervisor

David MacNeil


UTA Machine Shop Guidelines

State of Mind

  • Do not operate machinery if you are physically ill or mentally distressed, or under the influence of any consumable that would cause impairment.

Personal Safety

  • Wear safety glasses at all times.
  • No sandals or open toed shoes.
  • No loose clothing or accessories: ties, scarves, loose sleeves, jewelry, etc.
  • Tie back long hair and beards so that they are not in front of face or neck.
  • Wear disposable gloves when working with adhesives.
  • Wear a dust mask when working with fine particulate materials.

Machine Safety

  • Do not leave a machine running unattended.
  • Use brushes, hooks or pliers to remove chips or shavings, never use hand or fingers.
  • No gloves while machining.
  • Know which parts move, which are stationary, and which are sharp.
  • Double check that your work piece is securely held.
  • Remember to remove chuck keys and wrenches.
  • Listen to the machine; if something doesn’t sound right, shut it off.
  • If you don’t know or are unsure ASK!

Shop Safety

  • Do not be distracted or distract someone else while operating shop tools. (No electronic devices, headphones / no ear buds, etc.)
  • Prevent slip/trip hazards by wiping up any spills.
  • Maintain clear aisles.
  • Clean work area as needed.
  • You must clean and return all tools to proper location when finished.
  • If you make a mess, you clean it up.
  • If we help you make a mess, you clean it up.
  • If you don’t know or are unsure ASK!


  • It is a privilege to work in the UTA Machine Shop.
  • Violation of these rules may result in the loss of the privilege to work in the shop.
  • The best safety device is your brain.
  • Safety is your and our top priority.
  • Immediately report any problems or concerns to staff.
  • If you don’t know or are unsure ASK!