Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Contact Information:

Current students advised through the MAE Undergraduate Advising Office have access to the MAE Undergraduate Advising Canvas course.  This course is a prime resource for:

  • Instructions to complete advising for upcoming semesters
  • Commonly used forms and links
  • Dropping a class
  • Filing for grade forgiveness
  • Scheduling an advising meeting with your faculty advisor

Prospective students and new transfer students, or for any other general advising inquiries, please call or email us!

Advising Appointments

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to see an advisor or visit the Advising Office (204 Woolf Hall). To make an appointment, email maeundergrad@uta.edu or call the MAE Advising Office at (817) 272-2561.


Undergraduate Advisors

Aerospace Engineering

Dr Zhen Xue Han 

Dr. Zhen Xue Han
WH 204B | (817) 272-2651

Mechanical Engineering

Miguel Amaya 

Dr. Miguel Amaya
WH 204D | (817) 272-2561

Nancy Michael, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

Dr. Nancy Michael
WH 204C | (817) 272-2561

Admission into the Professional Program 

The College of Engineering recognizes two distinct levels in the program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering. The principal feature of the bi-level engineering curriculum structure is that certain admission criteria must be satisfied before credit can be earned in the professional program. These criteria are distinct from the general University requirements; see the Undergraduate Catalog for details

Senior Design and Professional Courses

The senior mechanical engineering design project (MAE 4287 and MAE 4188) must be taken consecutively and within the last three semesters (including summer session) of graduation. 

Some professional courses are only offered once per year, so semesters should be carefully planned to avoid delay in graduation. This is common for aerospace engineering professional courses. Consult course catalog, an advisor, or the flow chart for more information.