Ph.D. Qualifying Examination for Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. Qualifying Examination for Mechanical Engineering

Students are examined in two major technical areas at the graduate level.

The student and the student's research advisor jointly choose the technical area from the following:

  • Thermal Science (Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer)
  • Fluid Science (Basic Fluid Mechanics, Ideal Fluid Flows, Viscous Incompressible Flows)
  • Mechanical Design (Kinematics, Mechanization of Motion, Mechanical Design)
  • Solid Mechanics and Structures (Statics, Dynamics, and Strength of Materials)
  • Controls and Systems (Modeling, System Dynamics, Feedback Controls)

The Qualifying Examination is a written test of the student's capability to pursue successfully the Ph.D. and aids in developing a program of study appropriate for the student. The examination may be taken at any time after the accumulation of at least 40 semester hours of graduate work beyond the baccalaureate degree and is administered by the Department. The Ph.D. Qualifying Examination will be administered in accordance with the procedure set for by the ME Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Committee. A student who fails this examination may repeat it for a second time. The examination may not be taken more than twice. If a student fails the second time, the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Committee will recommend to the Graduate Committee dismissal from the program.

Procedure for ME Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
The Ph.D. Qualifying Examination will be offered the week prior to Fall and Spring semesters each year. The Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Committee will be responsible for executing the examination procedures.

A written announcement will be posted at least one month prior to the examination date.

Any graduate student desiring to take the Qualifying Examination shall notify the the ME Graduate Advisor, in writing, no later than one month prior to the exam, indicating the technical areas. A registration form is provided for this purpose. Selection of the technical areas must be approved by the student's dissertation advisor.