Sample Degree Plans

A student can obtain an Honors degree in any major on campus. To accommodate the various fields of interest students may have, Honors offers the maximum amount of flexibility in the way a student may complete an Honors degree. Refer to Undergraduate Catalog for more information about the Honors courses we offer on a regular basis.

The following sample degree plans are recommended sequences of courses for entering freshmen students and transfer students. Though these plans are not all inclusive, students may enter the Honors College if they have completed no more than 75 UTA credit hours. We encourage you to speak with an Honors advisor to discuss how you may adjust these plans to fit your individual academic program.

Degree Plans for Transfer Students

A concern of many transfer students is whether it is feasible to complete an Honors degree in the time remaining at UTA. We assure you that it is possible with a carefully developed plan. In order to ensure this is possible, we first recommend that you meet with an adviser in your major department to develop a degree plan to determine the remaining courses you have at UTA. Next, we recommend that you meet with an Honors College advisor to discuss how to apply and adjust this recommended sequence of courses.

The sample degree plans below are recommended assuming that you have four semesters remaining. These degree plans incorporate the minimum number of hours required to achieve an Honors degree. You may elect to take more Honors credit as your goals and schedules permit. We encourage you to speak with an Honors adviser to discuss how you may adjust these plans to fit your individual academic program.

With appropriate documentation (e.g., transcript indicating Honors coursework, letters from program officials, articulation agreement on file with UTA; consult an Honors adviser.), we accept Honors credit accumulated from Honors Programs at other institutions and apply it toward the 24 hours required to graduate with an Honors degree from UTA. At least 12 hours of Honors coursework beyond the transferred Honors hours must be completed at UTA.

Sample Degree Plans

Special Honors Degree Programs