Course Schedules

Fall 2021
Updated: 2021-June-9

General Honors Courses

HIST 1302-006 : Texas History
(Hunnicutt, W) TR 1230-150P

HONR 4000-001 Honors Independent Research (zero-credit course for Honors Residential Learning Community)

(Chojnacki, R) Asynchronous

PHYS 1443-004: Honors Physics I & lab
(De, K) TR 9:30-10:50A; lab: take any lab section

POLS 2312-015: State and Local Government
(Caraway, K) TR 12:30-1:50P

SOCI 1310-003: Introduction to Popular Culture — Cancelled

UNIV-HN 1131-001: Student Success
(Brown, B) MW 3:00-3:50P

UNIV-HN 1131-002: Student Success
(Jones, L) MW 4:00-4:50P

UNIV-HN 1131-003: Student Success
(Baum, B) TR 3:30-4:20P

UNIV-HN 1131-004: Student Success
(Chojnacki, R) TR 4:00-4:50P

Liberal Arts (cross-listed)

HONR-LA 3304-008: Social Statistics
(Kunovich, R) (SOCI 3352) MWF 900-950A

HONR-LA 3304-009 : Sociological Theory
(Jacobson) (SOCI 3372) MWF 1100-1150A - On Campus

HONR-LA 4303-001: Transnational Feminisms
(Akers, D) (WOMS 4305) TR 330-450P - On Campus

Interdisciplinary Studies (open to all Honors students)

INTS 2301-001
(Chojnacki, R) TR 200-320P

INTS 4391-001 : Research Seminar
(Chojnacki, R) TBD

HONR-LA 3304-009 : Sociological Theory
(Jacobson) (SOCI 3372) MWF 1100-1150A

INTS 4394-001: Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Thesis/Project
(Chojnacki, R) Independent Study