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A Community of Over-Achievers

The Honors College of The University of Texas at Arlington is a diverse community of student scholars from all majors who are dedicated to academics, creative activity, research, and service. Through our sponsorship of co-curricular lectures and symposia, we cultivate intellectual curiosity and serve as a resource for the wider University community. In addition, outreach programs sponsored by the Honors College serve high-achieving high school students and teachers in the region.

The Honors College is committed to the development of citizen-scholars. Honors students are encouraged to participate in community service and to seek leadership opportunities at UTA. Moreover, we take seriously our obligation to enlarge students' understanding of the world. To that end, we offer highly respected study abroad programs that provide students with opportunities to engage with the people, events, movements, ideas, and products of cultures other than their own; to link historical events and developments with those of the 21st century; and to understand the contributions of other peoples and regions to American culture and institutions.

The Honors College at UT Arlington is an active member in the Great Plains Honors Council and the National Collegiate Honors Council.

Isra Qureshi

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"My sister found that our community college honors credit could transfer to the Honors College and I wanted to earn a bachelor’s in Honors too."