Honors Residential Learning Community

The Honors College Residential Learning Community provides new first-year students the opportunity to live with other high-achieving scholars in a close-knit environment.


Network of Friends

Residents in the Honors RLC develop a sense of community, attend campus events together, form study groups, and participate in exclusive programming. 

Peer Academic Leader

An experienced UTA Honors College student lives in the hall to give advice about classes, professors, campus activities, and student groups.

UNIV 1131

Students participating in the Honors RLC will also be enrolled in an Honors-designated section of UNIV-HN 1131: Student Success for the Fall 2023 semester. The goal of the course is to help students identify their individual needs, determine what resources are appropriate, recognize the faculty role in their development, and formulate a plan for an actively engaged and enriched experience from campus to career. The course will be taught by Peer Academic Leaders (PALS) and faculty/staff to provide guidance, raise awareness and understanding of campus resources and help support collaborative and co-curricular opportunities available within the Honors College. Learn more at http://www.uta.edu/studentsuccess/success-programs/programs/lc/1131.php

Application Process

Students should apply for housing at https://www.uta.edu/housing/applications/ and sign a housing contract. Room selection for all contract holders will begin in May 2023. Students who have been admitted to the Honors College will have the option of selecting a space in the Honors College Residential Learning Community (Vandergriff Hall, 4th floor) at that time. 

In all instances, assignment to available bed spaces shall be offered on a first-come, first-served basis according to the student’s contract accepted date. Review Residence Hall application policies at www.uta.edu/housing/applications/residence-hall.php.

If you have already signed a housing contract and would like to switch to an Honors space, please fill out the Room/Hall Change Request Form. Incoming students will have until July 2023, to request a hall change to move into the Honors RLC. 


The Honors College will award a limited number of scholarships to incoming first-year Honors students who wish to participate in our Honors RLC in Vandergriff Hall during the 2023-2024 academic year. Awardees will receive $1650 for the academic year. This scholarship is for one year only; it is NOT renewable. Students not admitted to the Honors College must submit their Honors application by the March 20th admissions deadline for housing scholarship consideration. 
You can learn more about the Honors College Housing Scholarship on our scholarship page.