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The Honors College seeks support for scholarships and programs that will benefit its high-achieving students. Majors in all schools and colleges of the university are represented among the Honors College’s very diverse and constantly growing student body.

In order to advance the goals of Honors students and the objectives of the State of Texas, we constantly seek support in the form of merit-based endowed scholarships in ways that are central to the mission of the College, in four categories:

Honors College general scholarships: To enable more highly qualified students to complete a rigorous undergraduate education in preparation for academic and professional careers and a lifetime of intellectual pursuits.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships: In keeping with its efforts to both feature and routinize the endeavor of undergraduate research, the College currently provides a small number of awards that permit students to work under the mentorship of eminent research-active faculty during the summer. We seek to expand and enhance this program to enable more students to benefit from it.

Service Learning scholarships: The Honors College seeks to contribute in a formal way to the good works several academic units of the university have been doing among needy populations in the north Texas region and beyond, in the context of research projects on the phenomenon of community service.

Project Passport: The Honors College regards travel as a parallel education, and it takes very seriously its obligation to create citizens of the world. The College sponsors a rigorous travel-intensive study-abroad program for both Honors and non-Honors UT Arlington undergraduates. While only a fraction of the Honors student body can participate in the program in a given year, the College seeks to purchase a passport for all freshmen upon admission, to enable all members to take advantage of opportunities to travel abroad at a moment’s notice.

Many companies offer a matching gift program to their employees as a benefit. Through such a program, the company matches employees’ gifts to charitable organizations, including institutions of higher education such as UT Arlington. For further information on how you might support Honors College programs, please contact the Honors College.

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If you would like to speak with someone about making a gift to the Honors College, need assistance in making your gift, or would like more information on the ways to give, please contact University Advancement at 817-272-2584 or by email at

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Honors College at UTA

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