Invitation from the Dean

Welcome to The Honors College

The Honors College at UT Arlington is a distinctive community of faculty and student scholars within the larger university community. The College stresses academics, research, service, and individual development; our mission is to lead students to academic and professional success as well as personal fulfillment. We enroll undergraduates who seek an enriched university experience. If you are up to the challenge, we invite you to consider applying for membership.

The Honors curriculum is intellectually rigorous. Honors degrees are completed through the College in conjunction with undergraduate degree programs in the other colleges and schools (students in all majors are eligible to participate). Our degree programs integrate knowledge and perspectives from a wide range of disciplines. The Honors curriculum complements and advances the goals of the academic disciplines in which our students major. Honors professors encourage students to think critically, broadly, and creatively in courses that stress writing and discussion. Learning takes place mostly in small classes led by research-active faculty who teach using a wide variety of instructional modes and methods, and includes seminars and colloquia beginning in the freshman year. The College sponsors an exceptional study-abroad program each summer that exposes students to global perspectives through extensive travel and a pair of integrated mid-level courses.

Honors students do not take more courses than non-Honors students; instead, they opt to fulfill more rigorous requirements than non-Honors students in several courses, and work closely with faculty mentors, with a focus on research. A requirement for the Honors degree is a senior project in the student's major discipline. Effective with the current academic year, the senior project can be completed by producing a traditional Honors thesis; through a semester or year of study abroad; with an internship; or through a community service learning project. (Faculty in the departments determine which of these options are available in any given major.) The senior project has been designed in order to provide Honors students with maximum flexibility. Successful completion of your senior project will serve as a calling card for you after graduation, and can give you an advantage in admissions decisions for graduate or professional school or in your pursuit of a career.

If you are the sort of person who enjoys intellectual challenges, we encourage you to go to the application page or contact the Honors advising staff at 817-272-7215 for further information. Join us.

The Honors College Staff