Faculty Research Grants

2023-2024 Supplemental Faculty Research Funds for COLA International Projects

The SFRG awards are for current international (non-US) research projects conducted by COLA full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty. The awards, which are competitive and limited in number, are in the amounts of $1,000-$5,000. The grants are for projects that need additional funding and are either already underway, or may be expected to be completed by the end of the current academic year. In addition, awards are primarily for research work leading to professional publication. Conference presentations are given secondary consideration and will only be funded if money is available at the end of the award cycle and the applicant has already exhausted other potential sources of funding. Funds may not be used for the purchase of equipment, software, books, or journals.

Interested faculty should provide the following:

  1. A letter on UTA letterhead describing the name and purpose of the project, its start-up date, the expected date of completion, whether travel will be involved and if so, to where;
  2. A letter of support from the applicant’s department chair;
  3. A description of the overall funding needs of the project and the sources of all funding already granted or received for the project;
  4. An itemized description of how the funds will be used;
  5. The intended outcome of the project (i.e., publication in book form, professional journal, or other scholarly publication; or exhibition or performance venue, as well as projected dates for displays, exhibitions, or performances).
  6. Any co-authors, grant writers, or individuals involved in the research (funds may not be used to bring international scholars to UTA).
  7. Faculty who have not received a McDowell Center SFRG award before will be given priority consideration over those who have been prior recipients.

Application deadlines

For travel in Spring 2024: November 1, 2023. 
For travel in Summer or Fall 2024: April 1, 2024.