Betty and Roger Ruch Study Abroad Scholarship

The Betty and Roger Ruch Study Abroad Scholarship awards are for up to $5,000 and are open to all qualified undergraduates within the College of Liberal Arts. Students from other colleges/schools who have minor fields of study in Liberal Arts or participate in faculty-led study abroad programs in the College are also eligible. The Ruch Scholarships may be used in conjunction with study abroad programs including both the study of critical languages, and for area studies generally. For area studies priority will be given to those countries or regions where critical languages are spoken. In all cases the awards are not intended to be the sole sources of funding for projects.

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Innovative Project Award for Visual Arts

This scholarship provides funding to first and second year graduate students within the Department of Art and Art History whose research/creative activity facilitates an international exchange of ideas, strategies, and experiences. Scholarship support is for international travel and can be used for up to one full semester of graduate study.

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