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Meet Ana Mariscal

Ana Mariscal received her Sociology MA in 2022 and is now a Research Analyst.

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Meet Serita Johnson

Since earning her BA in Sociology, Serita's worked as an Early Intervention Specialist for Early Childhood Intervention of North Central Texas.

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Meet Porsha Gunishaw

Porsha Gunishaw is a Customer Experience Specialist at ECI, a company that provides business software.

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Meet Leslie Townsend

Leslie Townsend, Vice-President, Supportive and Palliative Services, WellMed Medical Management

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Meet Peyton Carroll

The UTA Anthropology program provided the education, experience, and community I needed to pursue my interest in archaeology at UTA and beyond.

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Meet Christopher Romo

After my graduation from UTA, I took on Cultural Resource Management (CRM) projects.

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Meet Elizabeth Sontinel

Elizabeth Sontinel graduated from UTA in 2014 with a major in sociology

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Meet Ofelia Pastora Rodriguez

When I was a UTA Anthropology student, I served as an anthropology student ambassador, reaching transfer and new students, and worked as the...

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Meet Phylicia Way

After graduating from UTA, I began working in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) thanks to contacts I made in fieldschool.

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Meet Hannah Keller

Hannah Keller is completing her dissertation in archaeology at Yale with the support of an NSF grant.

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