College salutes faculty and staff for excellence at spring meeting

Winners of awards for teaching, research, advising and service recognized

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 • Greg Pederson :


College of Science faculty and staff members were recently honored for excellence in teaching, research, advising, and service for 2022-23 with awards and recognition at the College and University levels. Promotion and tenure recipients were also announced.

University-wide awards were presented at the Spring Meeting of the Faculty and Associates on April 25. College of Science awards were presented during the College’s annual Faculty and Staff Spring Meeting on May 5 in the Central Library 6th floor atrium.

College of Science Dean Morteza Khaledi thanked faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication to the College’s mission of providing a world-class education for students while strengthening UTA’s standing as an R1 and Tier I research institution.

“One reason we gather every spring is to celebrate your contributions to the College of Science, UTA and in support of our students,” Khaledi said. “It is truly an honor to be a part of this community and to work with such talented and dedicated people. I’m so proud that we have accomplished so much together. Your contributions have made a real difference in the lives of our students and I’m so grateful for your support. All of you play a part in what makes this College and this institution amazing.”

Khaledi also announced the departure of Perry Fuchs, professor and chair of the Department of Psychology. Fuchs earned his Ph.D. from UTA in 1994 and joined UTA as an assistant professor of psychology in 1998. He has served as department chair for 10 years. Fuchs is a three-time recipient of the College’s Research Excellence Award (2005-07) and his work in pain research and management has been funded by a variety of federal, state and private industry sources.

Linda Perrotti, interim associate dean for graduate studies and professor of psychology, will serve as the new Department of Psychology chair, Khaledi said. Perrotti earned her Ph.D. from the City University of New York in 2000 and came to UTA in 2006 as an assistant professor of psychology. Her primary research interests focus on the neural mechanisms underlying sex differences in the behavioral and molecular responses to psychostimulant and opioid drugs. Her work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, among other sources.

College of Science award recipients

Excellence in Teaching Award, Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty

Jeffery Demuth, biology (tenured)

Excellence in Teaching Award, Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty

Hunter Ball, psychology (tenure track)

Excellence in Teaching Award, Teaching Faculty

Megan Korchinski, Earth and environmental sciences

Outstanding Achievement in Research Award

Luke Frishkoff, biology

Excellence in Advising Award

Andrew Gardner, biology

Mary Jane Goad Outstanding Administrative Staff Award

Linda Panther, Earth and environmental sciences

Outstanding Technical Staff Award

Roy McDougald, chemistry and biochemistry

Research Innovation Grant

Luke Frishkoff, biology

Ping Liu, physics

Suvra Pal, mathematics (PI)

Logan Watts, Michelle Martin-Raugh, and Jared Kenworthy, psychology

Faculty Development Award

Ping Liu, physics

Michaela Vancliff, mathematics

Innovative Teaching Grant

Heather Charles, biology: “Developing a new upper-level biology course for MCAT preparation and skills”

Sherri McFarland, chemistry and biochemistry: “CUREs to Address Educational Equity and Scientific Literacy”

Dylan Parks, biology: “UTA certificate in brewing and fermentation science”

Barbara Shipman, mathematics: “Capstone Experiences in Mathematics”

Whitney Tholen, biology: “Development of a capstone, career readiness program for improved student success and retention in the Biology Department”

Cara Boutte and Allison Martin, biology: “Increasing student learning of evolution through an educational game”

Ida Klang and Heather Charles, biology: “BIOL 1345 (Biology for nursing students): Implementing a case study-based curriculum”

Allison Martin, biology, and Evan Spencer, UTA library: “Development and assessment of an interdisciplinary evolution signature assignment for undergraduate biology non-science major students” 


Promotion and tenure

Tenure and promotion to Associate Professor

Joseph Boll, biology

Yujie Chi, physics

Suvra Pal, mathematics

Promotion to Full Professor

Woo-Suk Chang, biology

Majie Fan, Earth and environmental sciences


University Award recipients

Academy of Distinguished Scholars

Wei Chen, physics

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Nicholas Pollock, biology

Excellence in Doctoral Student Mentoring

Laura Mydlarz, biology

President’s Award for Excellence in Distance Education Teaching

Jeremy Glass, mathematics

Outstanding Staff Advisor Award, Undergraduate

Betsy Parchem, psychology

Research Enhancement Program (REP) Grants

Yujie Chi, physics, and Zui Pan, nursing: “Study the ionizing radiation-induced immune response at the cell and cellular microenvironment levels”

Un-Jung Kim, Earth and environmental sciences, and Byung Ran So, chemistry and biochemistry: “Occurrence and fate of microplastics in urban environmental systems and associated human exposure risk assessment”

Young-Tae Kim, bioengineering, and Subhrangsu Mandal, chemistry and biochemistry: “Novel blood-brain-barrier-crossing synthetic metal-free drugs with anti-GBM infiltration and pro-neuroprotection: analyzing their in-vitro and in-vivo efficacy”

McNair Scholars Program Faculty mentors

Clay Clark, biology

Peter Kroll, chemistry and biochemistry

Carl Lovely, chemistry and biochemistry

Faculty Mentors for Junior Faculty

Esther Betran, biology

Woo-Suk Chang, biology

Jeremy Glass, mathematics

Nicolette Hass, psychology

Tim Henry, biology

Jared Kenworthy, psychology

Robin Macaluso, chemistry and biochemistry

Mark Pellegrino, biology

Linda Perrotti, psychology

Michael Roner, biology

Nilakshi Veerabathina, physics

Professional Learning Community

Steve Gellman, health professions advisor (fellow)

Fajer Jaafari, physics (fellow)

Nilakshi Veerabathina, physics (facilitator)

Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement

Xavier Aranda, biology (fellow)

Nicholas Pollock, biology (fellow)

Center for Service Learning

Cassie Argenbright, GTA, psychology (fellow)

Shanna Banda, mathematics (facilitator)

Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence 

Frank Foss, chemistry and biochemistry (facilitator)

Faculty Development Leave

Woo-Suk Chang, biology

Guojun Liao, mathematics

Fred MacDonnell, chemistry and biochemistry

Kevin Schug, chemistry and biochemistry (Fulbright)

Serving on the College’s Research Committee this year were:

Wei Chen, physics

Paul Chippindale, biology

Majie Fan, Earth and environmental sciences

Junha Jeon, chemistry and biochemistry

Ren-Cang Li, mathematics

Linda Perrotti, psychology

Serving on the College’s Teaching Committee this year were:

Esther Betran, biology

Manfred Cuntz, physics

He Dong, chemistry and biochemistry

Majie Fan, Earth and environmental sciences

Theresa Jorgensen, mathematics

Walter Schargel, biology

Nilakshi Veerabathina, physics




COS award winners, from left, Linda Panther, Megan Korchinski, Roy McDougald, Hunter Ball, Andrew Gardner, Luke Frishkoff, and Jeff Demuth, with Dean Morteza Khaledi
Dean Morteza Khaledi with Megan Korchinski (Excellence in Teaching Award, Teaching Faculty)
Dean Morteza Khaledi with Jeff Demuth (Excellence in Teaching Award, Tenured Faculty)
Dean Morteza Khaledi with Hunter Ball (Excellence in Teaching Award, Tenure Track Faculty)
Dean Morteza Khaledi with Roy McDougald (Outstanding Technical Staff Award)
Dean Morteza Khaledi with Andrew Gardner (Excellence in Advising Award)
Dean Morteza Khaledi with Linda Panther (Mary Jane Goad Outstanding Administrative Staff Award)
Dean Morteza Khaledi with Luke Frishkoff (Outstanding Achievement in Research Award)


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