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Major: Physics

Campus Involvement: Science Constituency Council officer; Philosophy Club; student recruiter for College of Science

Fun Fact: Loves playing and watching soccer, reading, and is known to be something of a movie buff

I grew up in a small town in India called Akola; it's about 370 miles from Mumbai. Growing up, I was always a science fiction fan, and I was always inquisitive to learn how things around me work. I think that curiosity to know more about my surroundings naturally drove me towards physics. The thing I like best about physics is how simplistically it attempts to mathematically visualize nature to us.

I decided to come to UTA because it has an excellent physics program with undergraduate research opportunities as soon as freshman year. Also, the cost was more reasonable than many other places, and there are a lot of scholarship opportunities.

I think the thing I like best about UTA is how diverse the campus is and how warm and welcoming everyone is. No matter what your interests are, I feel you can meet so many people who share the same interests as you and you'll never feel alone through your college journey. I also like how much professors care about their students’ success and want them to get involved in research!

I feel the opportunity I got at UTA to start undergraduate research in space physics so soon was a huge boost to my career as a physicist. I made so many connections in the industry because of my research and I feel I could get more out of my education and in-class experience because I was given the research opportunity so early in my career. I feel the Physics Department, and the University in general, is really welcoming and it instantly felt like home because of all the warm and kind people I met here.

I got involved with Science Constituency Council as a treasurer in my freshman year. I strongly believe every freshman should join a student organization on campus because it will help you to make those valuable connections, find friends, and more importantly will push you to get out of your comfort zone and actively participate on campus to get the most out of your college life. I have met so many of my good friends because of SCC, and being a part of the executive board has really helped me in developing my leadership and communications skills.

The best advice I can give students who are thinking about coming to UTA is to please don't feel shy in asking for help. Also, it may sound daunting, but get involved on campus through student organizations’ executive boards and research groups as soon as you can. You'll love it here if you get involved!

I plan to pursue doctoral degree in space physics and continue doing research in the same area!