Maverick Science Student Stories

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Uche EtumnuUchechi Etumnu


Major: Biology 

Fun fact: Plays the flute and the piano

My hometown is Houston, and I started my college career at Lone Star College in Houston and at Texas Bible Institute in Columbus, Texas. I decided to transfer to the University of Texas at Arlington because it is a school of excellence and endless opportunities. 

Providing a place where one can grow as Maverick, I can proudly say that UTA has made me the woman I am today. A Maverick is defined as someone who exhibits independence in thought or action. As someone who has always been unique, creative, and determined in transforming health care, I chose UTA to nurture this vision.

I always had a passion for health science since I was little. When I was young, my grandparents, who resided in the villages of Imo State in Nigeria, passed prematurely due to inadequate access to medical care. That motivated me to study biology. I was able to get more exposure to studying science here at UTA as well as an honors undergraduate research experience at my previous institution.

The experiences I have had at UTA have helped me to be adaptable in the midst of challenges, to be out of my comfort zone even when comfortability seemed like the more convenient option, to do my best even if I fail, to manage my time when stress and anxiety make it easier to procrastinate, and to never give up when facing rejection. Through this, UTA has prepared me for a career because I have learned to become serviceable, compassionate, cooperative, steadfast, creative, disciplined, and authentic.

For the past two years, I have worked part-time as a care provider for teen-agers with autism at a home health care agency in Katy. I have also previously worked as a peer mentor. I really enjoy helping others and knowing I am helping make a difference in people’s lives.

As a student, I’ve always done my best to bridge relationships with all professors by constantly asking questions, being engaged in class, attending office hours, and helping my classmates. Many of my professors have reciprocated my efforts by helping me understand material and other rigorous concepts, by mentoring me with my career, future, and goals, and by encouraging me to never give up.

After I receive my bachelor’s degree in biology, I plan on studying medicine to become a family physician. After practicing in medicine and delegating medical missions, I would love to educate other biology students who also want to optimistically impact health care forever.