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Financial Aid Disbursement and Changes

disbursement Process

  • In order for your financial aid to disburse, you must first accept your aid through your MyMav Student Center.
  • The earliest financial aid funds can disburse to pay toward your charges on your UTA MyMav account is 10 days prior to your first class day.
    • Earliest disbursement of financial aid for the Summer 2019 semester begins on May 24, 2019.
    • Earliest disbursement of financial aid for the Fall 2019 semester begins on August 11, 2019.
    • Earliest disbursement of financial aid for the Spring 2020 semester begins on January 12, 2020.
      • If you are attending an Intersession (Maymester or Wintermester), or your course begins prior to the disbursement date, your enrollment will be held if you have accepted sufficient financial aid to cover your semester charges.
      • You may need to purchase required books and supplies out of pocket for courses that begin prior to the disbursement date.

If your financial aid offer exceeds the total amount of your charges, the Office of Student Accounts will generate a refund for you. You may use your refund to purchase books, pay your rent, or cover other education-related expenses.

  • UTA recommends signing up for direct deposit to receive refunds. If you do not enroll in direct deposit, your refund will be mailed to you via check.

Common reasons funds may not credit to your account

Financial aid shows as “pending” in your Student Center until the funds have posted to your UTA MyMav account. Approximately 21 days after the disbursement date, pending aid will no longer be reflected and you could be dropped for non-payment by the Office of Student Accounts.

If your financial aid funds have not posted to your account, there may be some additional actions you need to take. Here are some common reasons aid may not disburse:

  • You did not enroll in enough credit hours (most financial aid programs, including state grants and federal student loans, require half-time enrollment in order to disburse).  Please review the chart below to verify your enrollment status:
Career Half-Time Enrollment Full-Time Enrollment
Undergraduate 6 Credit Hours 12 Credit Hours
Graduate* 5 Credit Hours 9 Credit Hours
  • You did not accept all of your financial aid.
  • You did not meet the enrollment requirements to receive your scholarship (normally 12 hours).
  • You did not complete the required Entrance Counseling or sign a Master Promissory Note to receive your student loans. You may complete both of these tasks online at by clicking on the "In School" tab and logging in with your FSA ID and password.
  • You did not complete all of the necessary verification paperwork.

Please check your To Do List or contact our office if you do not know why your financial aid has not disbursed.

Changes to financial aid packages

In certain cases, revisions must be made to your financial aid package after the offer has been made or even after it has been accepted. Some events that could cause your aid to be reduced or canceled include:

  • Enrolling for less than full-time hours.
  • Enrolling as a less than half-time student at UTA (less than 6 hours for undergraduates or less than 5 hours for graduates).
  • Dropping courses during the refund period.
  • Withdrawing from UTA.
  • Receiving aid from other sources including departmental and outside scholarships, specific federal, state or institutional tuition waivers or other benefits, or employer assistance.
  • Becoming eligible to pay the in-state tuition rate if the initial offer was based on paying out-of-state tuition charges.
  • Receiving financial aid at another school while receiving aid at UTA.

You will be notified if a change in your financial aid package is required.