Our employees are one of our institution’s greatest strengths and assets. For the University to achieve its goals and honor its commitment to our people, we must invest in our employees. In practice, this means focusing on retention and recruitment, as without talented and dedicated people, we will not be able to fulfill our mission and realize our full potential. Together, the University community must foster a culture focused on learning and growth, including career mobility.
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Our Vision

Inspire and Nurture Strategic Partnerships, Inclusive of Respect and Excellence through Unity, Talent, and Achievement.
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Our Mission

We strategically develop, attract, & retain diverse talent; to promote a culture of belonging
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Our Core Values

People-Centered. Team-Focused. Professional Business Expertise. Innovative. Flexible.

TCE Overarching Strategic Categories

Strategic Category 1:

Support the campus in creating an environment of belonging and engagement.

Belonging and Engagement is our human need and an organizational asset. Here at UTA we support all our employees in reaching their full career life cycle potential by creating a culture where they are valued, accepted, and respected.

Strategic Category 2:

Develop a sustainable market-based compensation program which is scalable and will be adaptable to the changing business and cultural objectives of UTA.

A competitive Compensation structure is the key to retaining current employees and attaching new staff necessary to meet our strategic direction and future growth at UTA. Compensation is creating a market-based program that will support a comprehensive and strategic approach to pay while bringing UTA in alignment with current best practices.

Strategic Category 3:

Enhance Campus Priorities for Academic Talent and Culture.

Academic Talent and Culture (ATC) provides guidance and collaborative oversight of UTA’s academic lifecycle processes. We strive for exemplary execution of work and service to others while being committed to continuous improvement focused on increasing organizational effectiveness, high standards, transparency, ingenuity, and sustainability.

Strategic Category 4:

Develop and deliver high quality learning, leadership, and organizational development programs to increase leadership effectiveness and build high performing teams.

Leadership and Talent Development is the architecture we will use to build the capabilities for current and future talent. Our UTA staff not only expect but deserve high quality leaders who will focus on the retention engagement and development of our current and future employees.

Strategic Category 5:

Develop Talent Acquisition operations that support our leaders to engage top talent in a competitive labor market.

Recruit and onboard a talented and diverse workforce that shares our innovative Maverick Spirit. A thoughtful and robust onboarding experience is vital to engaging and retaining top talent in a competitive labor market.

Strategic Category 6:

Deliver data and systems that meet future reporting, data, automation, integration, and information management needs.

Partner strategically to create people data pipelines that empower data-driven decision making throughout the organization. Manage employee master data information processing and systems integrations in a way that maximizes efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and validity of employee data.