MavTemp is the internal support center for temporary staffing across the UTA community, providing departments with talented and skilled temporary employees.

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The MavTemp Program has many benefits for both managers and employees. Departments across campus can take advantage of a staffing service that understands the needs of the department and the university while avoiding large outside agency fees. MavTemp staff can enjoy many of the resources available to UTA employees while gaining valuable job experience.

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Enjoy the flexibility to explore opportunities across campus while building your professional skills.
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Why Be a MavTemp?

MavTemp provides the opportunity to gain campus experience and work in interesting and varied environments. You can showcase your talents, education, and skills while exploring campus job opportunities to potentially move into regular full-time employment. If you want to gain the experience of working for UTA then MavTemp is a great place to start!

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Benefits of Hiring a MavTemp

Juggling staff requirements for a busy department can be very challenging and using the MavTemp program can provide a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution. We can support you by providing temporary administrative coverage for recruitment gaps, staff absences, project support, peak periods and more.

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Have a question? Visit the Become a MavTemp page or email a MavTemp recruiter.

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