Hiring A Mavtemp

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MavTemp is a temporary in-house staffing service administered by the Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement for exclusive use by the University of Texas at Arlington departments and colleges. MavTemp partners with departments at UTA to fulfill their temporary staffing needs. We take pride in providing you with a friendly and reliable service to make sure your temporary staffing needs are met.

Mavtemp Service Fee

A one-time charge is applicable for each MavTemp assignment, which compensates TCE (Talent, Culture & Engagement) for recruitment, onboarding, placement, and system training expenses. Depending on the assignment, there are two tiers of MavTemps available:


Tier I Service Fee

Suitable for basic administrative assignments that involve fundamental system access.


Tier II Service Fee

Ideal for administrative assignments demanding advanced system access and experience.


A position must be created for your department in UTShare following the regular EForm process.


  • Use Job Code 19006 when creating your position
  • Default name is Administrative Assistant I – Hourly. Rename the position to Administrative Assistant - MavTemp

Once the position and funding are approved, continue to Step 2

NOTE: This only needs to be completed one time. Once you have a temp position created in your department, you can move a temp in and out of this position as needed.

UTA hiring managers and departments can place a request for a MavTemp by submitting the MavTemp Request Form online.

Once your request has been submitted, a MavTemp Recruiter will process your request and reach out to available MavTemp employees. This process typically takes 24 - 48 hours to complete.

A MavTemp Recruiter will reach out to you to start the candidate selection process. There are two options for selecting a candidate:

  • A MavTemp recruiter will select a qualified candidate for immediate placement
  • Hiring managers can work with a recruiter to setup interviews with selected qualified candidates.

Prior to joining the MavTemp program, all qualified MavTemp employees will have completed basic training requirements.  Basic training includes the following:

  • New Employee Orientation
  • UTA Compliance Training
  • TCP for Employees Training
  • Cyber Security Training
  • UT Share Fundamentals
  • Online Teams Training

If a department requires additional training to be provided prior to assignment, please notify your MavTemp Recruiter. Below is a list of additional trainings that can be coordinated through Knowledge Services

Any department specific training that is not available through Knowledge Services, will need to be conducted while on assignment within the department.

If NO ADDITIONAL training is needed, please proceed to Step 5

You will be notified once your MavTemp is ready to start via email. Once you receive this email, you will need to:


    Submit an Eform to transfer the MavTemp into your new position.

  • PRE-ARRIVAL Prepare for your MavTemps arrival. It is important to make your MavTemp feel welcome and set them up for success in their temp role, below is a checklist of some recommendations.

  • TIMEKEEPING The hiring department is responsible for managing the approval of all time and attendance records. This ensures that the MavTemp is paid correctly and on time.

  • DEPARTMENT TRAINING The hiring department is responsible for any additional department specific training on systems, policies, procedures, etc. Knowledge Services has additional training options.

U T A Employees

Temp to Permanent

Want to permanently hire a temp? This is a staffing option that provides the opportunity to directly hire your MavTemp employee without waiting for the assignment to end. If you are interested in hiring your temp permanently, please contact your MavTemp Recruiter.


01. Communication

Keep lines of communication open. Prompt attention is a must, as timely information is needed for a successful recruiting process.

02. Decision Making

Prompt decision making on available candidates to avoid losing the best candidate for your position.

03. Length of Assignment

Provide an appropriate length of time needed for the assignment. 90 day maximum assignment.

04. Extensions/Terminations

Contact us immediately should you need to extend or terminate an assignment.

Need additional assistance?

If you require additional assistance, or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact MavTemp


  1. Avoid the high fees charged by external staffing agencies.
  2. Quick, efficient, and reliable way to provide coverage when needed.
  3. Easy to use, streamlined process.
  4. Pre-Screened pool of qualified candidates.
  5. Opportunity to hire directly through program.