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Youth and Summer Camp Volunteers

The Youth Program Coordinator provides oversight for university sponsored programs, including activities, camps and events involving minor participants to ensure compliance with regulations and to provide a positive environment that promotes health, wellness, safety, and security.

Requesting to Host a Youth Program or Summer Camp:

Onboarding for Youth/Summer Volunteers

Approvals for volunteers are managed by the Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement (TCE) Talent Acquisition team.

The Talent Acquisition department will need the following documents to process volunteers once Compliance provides approval to move forward:

Copy of a Government Issued Photo ID

  • Examples of Acceptable Photo IDs Include: 
    • Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • Military Identification Card
    • State Issued Identification Card
    • Employment Authorization Document (EAD Card)
    • Permanent Resident Card

Other documentation that can positively establish identity may be considered with prior authorization of the VPTCI or designee.

If the volunteer has worked for UTA within the last 12 months, you may contact onboarding@uta.edu to request confirmation that their work documents have not expired.

Once you have reviewed and completed ALL the above items, send the completed request packet to Volunteer Services for approval at volunteer@uta.edu

NOTE: If a volunteer's service is terminated before the end of the appointment for any reason, please notify volunteer@uta.edu and the hiring authority.



According to USCIS, a foreign national cannot perform work as a volunteer in a position that would normally be a paid position or if the foreign national believes that some form of compensation will follow. USCIS views such volunteering as “work” and requires proper employment authorization issued by that agency. This specifically includes volunteering by a foreign national for a trial period leading up to compensated employment. Volunteering in this capacity may violate the individual’s visa status.

Volunteering will be allowed for foreign nationals as long as:

  • The individual does not expect compensation, reward, or future benefit


  • The volunteering opportunity is advertised as a volunteer position



Submit the High School Student Information and Application Form HR-E-F7

If the minor is working in a lab, the following will need to be submitted

If you do not have active credentials to submit a request, please visit the Youth Program website or email youthprograms@uta.edu.

The minimum age limit of a volunteer is sixteen (16) years of age.


  • Send all forms at one time and do not send forms separately.
  • Do not have the volunteer contact Employment for updates or to submit forms. Any communication should come from the department.
  • Incomplete Volunteer Forms will not be processed until ALL documents have been received.

Once all forms and documents are reviewed, Talent Acquisition will e-mail the supervisor an approval or denial.

For more information about the volunteer process, please refer to the Volunteer Service Procedure.

Contact TCE

Questions may be sent to us via email or by calling the Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement at 817-272-5554

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