About Gallup

Gallup is an industry leader in employee engagement surveys who has spent 35 years studying what matters most to employees and teams. They are responsible for the creation of the gold-standard employee engagement survey, the Q12. They deliver analytics and advice to help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. Combining more than 80 years of experience with its global reach, Gallup understands the attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students.

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Gallup Benchmarking Capabilities


Million Responses


Higher Education Employees

Including R1, Large Public Institutions


Million Employees


Million Workgroups






Major Industries

Potential Databases of Interest:

  • Higher Education Overall
  • Large Institutions
  • First Administration
  • Management Levels
  • Tenure Levels
  • Roles

Gallup Does Not:

  • Include non-census data
  • Include data more than five years old
  • Include non-client, general population data
  • Create databases without an appropriate comparison group
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