Talent Acquisition

Important information for hiring managers, including policies regarding background checks, search committees, hiring forms, hiring procedures and more.

Preparing to Post

At UTA, our mission is to recruit and retain the most exceptional employees who will contribute to the success of our university. We understand that vacancies arise for various reasons, including the need to replace an employee or the creation of a new positions. To ensure a streamlined and effective recruitment process, we encourage hiring managers to review the planning toolkit provided below before posting any positions.

Creating and Modifying Positions

The options below provide detailed information on creating and modifying existing positions prior to posting. This is known as the Compensation & Classification Review (CCR) process and is handled by our Compensation team. The team is available to assist with creating and modifying job descriptions and helping to determine fair market rates for positions. You can review the full CCR guide by clicking below.

Complete the Compensation and Classification Request (CCR) form

  • If you need to develop a new job description, please complete a Job Description Template prior to submitting your CCR.

The CCR Committee conducts reviews every Wednesday, and approval emails are typically sent 24 – 48 hours after the committee meets.

Once you receive the CCR approval email, you can Create and submit an eForm.

  • Remember to attach the approval email from the CCR review to your eForm.
  • Please note that the TCE Data Team will not process an eForm without the necessary attachments.

After the eForm is submitted and approved, you will receive a notification email from the TCE Data Team, confirming the generation of a position number. This approval email will be sent to the submitter of the eForm.

Once you have the position number, you can proceed to Step 1 - Posting, or alternatively, contact your Recruiter for further assistance.

If you are filling a vacancy within an existing budgeted position and no changes are being made to the position’s title, salary level, etc., you do not need to go through the Compensation and Classification Review (CCR) process.

  • Review the current job description to ensure the responsibilities are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Obtain approval from the hiring authority in your department to proceed with posting the position.
  • Proceed to Step 1 - Posting of the Recruitment Toolkit

By following these steps, you can efficiently fill the vacancy without the need for additional processes or approvals.

If departments are replacing an existing position and wish to make changes to the job duties or other aspects, it is advisable to contact the Compensation team at compensation@uta.edu. They will provide guidance and support in these situations.

Please make sure to attach an updated job description when contacting the Compensation team, as changing job duties may sometimes require a complete title change. Including the current and updated job description will assist them with assessing the necessary adjustments accurately.

Before you contact recruitment for any position inquiries, it is imperative that you have a job description that is updated and accurately captures the minimum and preferred requirements for a candidate to be successful in a role.

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Writing an Effective Job Description

Crafting an accurate and well-written job description is crucial as it provides a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities associated with a position. It serves to answer the fundamental question, “What does the person in this role actually do?”

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eForm is an electronic form solution that provides a secure and efficient way for processing various human resources, payroll, and position funding transactions. Click below to view guides on managing the eForm process.

Need Temporary Help?

Do you need a temporary employee to fill the gap during the recruitment period? We are here to help. Contact our MavTemp Recruiter for more information about the program and MavTemp availability.

Email MavTemps

You can also visit the MavTemp website for more detailed information.