Useful guidance for hiring managers and departments regarding the procedures and processes involved in welcoming and integrating new employees during the onboarding phase.

Group/Mobile Onboarding (MOB)

Group/Mobile Onboarding is a streamlined and efficient program for onboarding multiple new hires simultaneously. This method offers a convenient way for hiring managers to facilitate the completion of essential HR documentation and I-9 Forms.

Hiring Managers can request a Mobile Onboarding Session for a group of new hires by completing and sending the MOB spreadsheet below to onboarding@uta.edu.


Please follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth onboarding experience:

You must have a minimum of 15 new hires who need to complete the I-9 form and will be available during the requested session time with their original, unexpired employment verification documents.

You must reserve a room for the Onboarding Navigators that can comfortably accommodate at least 5 people. The room should have access to an electrical outlet and a nearby scanner/printer.

Requests must be made:

  • Regular Season: At least one week in advance
  • Peak Season*: At least two weeks in advance

*Peak season times are typically the start of a semester

Approval of all requests are subject to the availability of the Onboarding Navigators.

Provide a list of all new hires who will be attending the session, using the MOB spreadsheet below.


Once your request is approved, Onboarding will notify the requestor.

Prior to the onboarding session, please notify the Onboarding Navigators promptly of any changes to location, equipment, or the number of new hires attending.

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