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Resources for current MavTemp employees.

Welcome to MavTemp!

Congratulations on your MavTemp Assignment, we hope you will enjoy being a part of this program! As a MavTemp employee you will be providing temporary assistance to various departments across campus. Please remember the work you do on an assignment is always confidential and is not to be discussed with other employees or any individuals outside of UTA.

While you are waiting for an assignment or on an assignment, you may find the information in the Current MavTemps section helpful. If you have any additional questions your MavTemp Talent Acquisition Specialist can assist you.


As a MavTemp, you have access to many of the resources that UTA employees enjoy. The first step to gaining access is to review the MavTemp Handbook and submit a signed Handbook Acknowledgement.

U T A student getting Mav ID

ID Cards

A Mav ID may be required for your assignment. MavTemp employees may obtain a Mav ID at the Mav ID office after they have completed all the new employee onboarding and have been entered into the system and provided with a NetID and Employee Number. Upon completion of each assignment, MavTemps must surrender their Mav ID.

Picture of a clock

TCP Clock in-out

TCP is the university’s electronic timekeeping system that allows MavTemp employees to easily input and track their hours worked. Your hours will be recorded as you clock in and out using the web clock feature on your computer. Detailed instructions regarding how to use this system will be done during onboarding and guides are available online.

U T A Campus


All employees and students are required to purchase a parking pass at the individual’s expense. All MavTemps will be provided a free parking pass for the duration of their assignment. The MavTemp Talent Acquisition Specialist will assist you in registering your vehicle with the Office of Parking and Transportation. As a reminder, your permit allows you to park in Faculty/Staff designated parking lots.

Picture of out of office


Attendance every day of your assignment is essential. You are filling an important role and need in a department. It is equally important the MavTemps report to work on time. If you will be absent from or late to work, inform your assignment supervisor and your MavTemp Talent Acquisition Specialist as soon as possible. This helps MavTemp maintain a productive working relationship with UTA departments.

Updating Your Resume

As you approach the end of your assignment, we would recommend you update your resume with your latest skills, experience, and training. Send your updated resume to a MavTemp Talent Acquisition Specialist for future assignments on campus.

Problems with your assignment?

We hope that your MavTemp assignments will be interesting, rewarding, and enjoyable, however we understand that occasionally problems may occur. If you need support, you can call or email us at anytime.

MavTemp Representative

Angelica Rivas

1225 W. Mitchell Street
Suite 212
Arlington, TX 76019

Phone: 817-272-3437


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Helpful Job Tips

  1. Report to your assignment on time.
  2. Introduce yourself to the person to whom you will be reporting.
  3. Have a positive attitude.
  4. Dress neatly, and always have your Mav ID with you.
  5. Be sure instructions are clear; do not be afraid to ask questions.
  6. Be accurate – proof your work.
  7. Avoid making personal calls, using cell phones and text messaging during work hours.
  8. Respect the confidentiality of each job assignment.
  9. Take every opportunity to learn a new skill.
  10. Call your MavTemp Talent Acquisition Specialist should any issues arise.