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Assignment Completion Notice

One (1) week prior to the end of the assignment, please contact your MavTemp Recruiter via email mavtemps@uta.edu confirming the end date of your assignment.

Your MavTemp Recruiter will check in with you regularly during the assignment to make sure no adjustments need to be made.

Early Assignment Termination

If you learn that your MavTemp will be unable to complete their assignment, you should contact the MavTemp office immediately for assistance with your staffing needs.

If you need to end the assignment earlier than scheduled, contact your MavTemp Recruiter at least 2 - 5 days prior to the end date. Inform your employee of their new end date if you're comfortable doing so. Otherwise, we'll be happy to assist you with this communication.

After the assignment ends, you will receive an email with a request to complete an evaluation that asks for feedback related to the employee's performance, as well as welcome your comments related to the service you have received by the MavTemp program in general. You can also access the evaluation below:

The evaluation provides valuable information to the MavTemp program that will be used when considering placement of the employee again, as well as helps us improve our service.

NOTE: Failure to submit a performance evaluation for your MavTemp will delay their placement on future assignments.

It is the department managers responsibility to make sure they collect all items, assets, keys, etc. that were assigned to the employee. You may also terminate any access that the employee may have had during the assignment.


If you wish to extend your employee's assignment, please email mavtemps@uta.edu with the following at least 24-48 hours prior to current assignment end, or at any point during the assignment.

  • New assignment end date
  • Reason for extension

The MavTemp Recruiter will review the request for extension and the employee's work availability and will either approve or deny the request.

Request Extension
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Temp to Permanent

Want to permanently hire a temp? This is a staffing option that provides the opportunity to directly hire your MavTemp employee without waiting for the assignment to end. If you are interested in hiring your temp permanently, please contact your MavTemp Recruiter.

Need additional assistance?

If you require additional assistance, or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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  1. Avoid the high fees charged by external staffing agencies.
  2. Quick, efficient, and reliable way to provide coverage when needed.
  3. Easy to use, streamlined process.
  4. Pre-Screened pool of qualified candidates.
  5. Opportunity to hire directly through program.