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Founded in 1972, the UTA Ambassadors were originally the tour guides on campus. As the official hosts and hostesses of the University, they gave campus tours to prospective students and encouraged them to come to UT Arlington.

When the MavElite tour guides were established, the primary function of the Ambassador program changed; however, the UTA Ambassadors were still called on to give campus tours to VIP guests of the University. In addition, the UTA Ambassadors maintained their role as the official hosts and hostesses of the University and assisted with many high-profile university events. They became known as the most spirited Mavericks on campus because of their knowledge of university trivia and traditions.

Now, as part of the Division of Student Affairs, the UTA Ambassadors play a significant role in planning and implementing large, university-wide events. They serve as hosts and hostesses at many prominent events, such as MavsMeet Convocation, UTA Night on the Town, and the Maverick Speakers Series. The UTA Ambassadors also host their own traditional events like Ask Me Days, MavSwap, and Decorate Downtown. In addition, they are responsible for teaching students about The Maverick Way, a set of core values that all Mavericks live by on a daily basis.

To sum it up, the UTA Ambassadors play a significant role at UT Arlington. With their knowledge of UTA, their pride for being Mavericks, and their outgoing personalities, the UTA Ambassadors are great student leaders who are members of an elite organization on campus.


The UTA Ambassadors is made up of 30 students who are elected to serve for 6-month or 1-year terms. Mr. and Ms. UTA serve as the co-presidents of the program and lead the Ambassadors, along with the Program Coordinator and Event Chairs.

All members of the UTA Ambassadors complete up to six participation hours per month and are held to very high standards.

To learn more about the structure of the UTA Ambassadors, check out the UTA Ambassadors Constitution.