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Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is responsible for settling disputes between the other branches of the Student Government, managing the Program Assistance Fund, and coordinating Campus Elections.


The judicial branch officer is the Chief Justice.


The judicial branch consists of two committees- the Supreme Court and the Election Supervisory Board.

The Supreme Court is made up of 7 justices (including the Chief Justice) who serve as the hearing panel for student organizations requesting funding through the Program Assistance Fund, disputes in the other two branches of Student Government, and any election code violations during Campus Elections. 

The Election Supervisory Board coordinates the Campus Elections process - drafting the election guidelines/procedures, recruiting candidates to file for the available positions, and managing the logistics of the election. 


Any student may file a dispute with the Judicial Branch. Do you feel that one of the members of Student Government is not fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the position? Do you believe a current resolution is inconsistent with the Constitution of the Student Community at The University of Texas at Arlington? Click here to submit a summary of the perceived problem.


Does your student organization need funding to host a program or travel to a conference? Click here to learn more about the Program Assistance Fund!