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The department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has multiple graduate research/teaching positions available. A list of faculty who are recruiting PhD students are given below. Check out their lab website and positions available. Find your match! Fill out the PhD Pre-Application Form to connect with your future PhD advisor!

Design, Manufacturing and Multidisciplinary Optimization

  • Dr. Amir Ameri
  • Dr. Michael Bozlar
  • Dr. Bernd Chudoba
  • Dr. Raul Fernandez
  • Dr. Cheng Luo
  • Dr. Ratan Kumar
  • Dr. Narges Shayesteh
  • Dr. Sunand Santhanagopalan
  • Dr. Robert Taylor
  • Dr. Yawen Wang

Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics and Propulsion

Structural Mechanics and Structural Optimization

Systems and Control

Thermal Science and Energy Systems

Undergraduate Applicants

Graduate Applicants


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