Multiscale Mechanics and Physics Laboratory

The Multiscale Mechanics and Physics Lab investigates multiscale mechanical behavior of engineered and biological materials to develop advanced materials for structural/biomedical applications and predict failure and fracture properties of nano/biomaterials.

This includes computational biomechanics, computational material design and advanced manufacturing.

Current research includes:

  • Neurobiology of brain injury 
  • Cavitation-induced damage in neuron and ECM
  • Mechanics of soft polymers
  • Advanced ceramics and polymer nanocomposites


  2. January 2018: UTA associate professor awarded grant to research head trauma, disorders
  5. Spring 2016: UTA Inquiry Magazine -- MAKING CERAMICS STRONGER
  6. August 2015: Taylor, Adnan Earn Funding from America Makes Project Group
  7. September 2013: Research project hopes to make Texas highways safer


  • Ashfaq Adnan, Ph.D., Director | Faculty Profile
  • Yuan-Ting Wu, Postdoctoral researcher

Doctoral Students

  • Fuad Hasan (Aerospace Engineering)
    Current research: Fluid structure interaction, damage at the neuron-ECM interface
  • Md Riaz Kayser (Mechanical Engineering)
    Current research: Strong and tough multiphase ceramics, mechanics of multiscale material
  • Alireza Rezaee (Mechanical Engineering)
    Current research: Numerical modeling of 3D printing process, interlaminar failure prediction of FDM parts
  • Hasan Al Mahmud (Mechanical Engineering)
    Current research: Multiscale mechanics of soft materials
  • Rajni Chahal (Aerospace Engineering)
    Current research: Carbon nanotube reinforced polymer nanocomposites
  • Md Ishak Khan (Mechanical Engineering)
    Current research: Structural aspects of axon, protein modeling, mechanical insights on traumatic brain injury

Master's Students

  • Adrian Martinez (Mechanical Engineering)
    Thesis: Mechanics and Mechanisms of Conducting Filament Formation in Hafnia Multilayer for Neuromorphic Application
  • Megha Tangri (Mechanical Engineering)
    Current research: Applying classical lamination theory for failure prediction of 3D printed structures



  1. Md. Farzad Sarkar (Mechanical Engineering, 2014, M.Eng., 2011)
    Currently at Zodiac Aerospace in Long Beach, CA
  2. Sheikh Fahad Ferdous (Mechanical Engineering, 2015)
    Currently Senior Lecturer, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
  3. ARN Nazmus Sakib (Mechanical Engineering, 2016)
    Currently IC Package Materials Engineer at NXP Semiconductors, Austin, TX
  4. Peter Lebo (Mechanical Engineering, 2016 -- co-advisor with Wen Chan)
    Currently post-doc at Purdue University-Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IN


  1. Md. Mostafijur Rahman (M.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, 2014)
  2. Sushma Pothana (M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2015)
    Currently at E-MC2, Columbus, OH
  3. Zoher Lavangia (M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2015)
    Currently at Medtronic, Fort Worth, TX
  4. Louis Parkman (M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2015)
    Currently at Corning (DFW)
  5. Manikanta Jonnalagadda (M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2015)
    Currently at AVL America, MI
  6. Sachin Jose (M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2015)
    Currently at Zimmer Biomet, Warsaw, Indiana
  7. Divya Bandaru (M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2016)
    Currently at Intel, Hillsboro, NJ
  8. Amit Khatri (M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2016)
    Currently a Mechanical Design Engineer -- Product Development, Kasai North America, Inc.
  9. Justin O. Compton (M.S. Candidate, Aerospace Engineering)
    Currently at L-3 Communication, DFW
  10. Saket, Thapliyal (M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 201X)
    Currently in Ph.D. program in MSE, University of North Texas
  11. Krutarth Patel(M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 201X)
    Currently at the UTA Research Institute

Undergrad Researchers

  1. Narendra De (B.S., Aerospace Engineering)
    Obtained Ph.D. from Purdue, currently at APL, John Hopkins
  2. Fairuz Quazi, (B.S., Mechanical Engineering) NSF REU
  3. Stephanie Luong, (B.S., Mechanical Engineering) NSF REU
  4. Nabeel Khan (B.S., Mechanical Engineering) 
  5. Amir Shreshta (B.S., Aerospace Engineering)
  6. Hasintha Hiran Amaranayaka (B.S., Aerospace Engineering)
  7. Mathew Blackwell (B.S., Aerospace Engineering)
  8. John Frnka (B.S., Mechanical Engineering)


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