Student Organizations

Chemistry and Biochemistry Society

The UTA Chemistry and Biochemistry Society (CBS) is a student-led organization for the advancement of chemistry and the sciences at UTA and within our community. Our goals are to arouse student and public interest in chemistry and biochemistry, and aid undergraduates in their educational journey.

President: Aladin Elkhalil
Vice President: Saiyara Baset
Secretary: Lisa Mey
Treasurer/Volunteer Coordinator: Kendall Hendrix
Publications: Priscilla Musa

Faculty advisor: Saiful Chowdhury, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry


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Chemistry Graduate Student Association

The goal of the Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA) is to provide a forum for graduate students in the UTA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to informally interact with each other to discuss topics such as academic program concerns, teaching issues and other social or extracurricular aspects of graduate student life. If you are new to our department, we welcome you and invite you to attend our meetings.

President: Brandon Watson
Vice President: Monika Patterson
Director of Finances (Treasurer): Thanh Thuy Vuong
Director of Records (Secretary): Andrew Franklin
Director of Communications (Public Relations): Adway Zacharias

Faculty advisor: Frank Foss, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry


CGSA on Facebook 

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