Graduate Degree Programs

The UTA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is a vibrant, young, and growing department with 22 tenured and tenure-track faculty advising over 90 full-time graduate students, 20 or more postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists, and a host of undergraduates getting their first exposure to scientific research at the highest level. We have active research programs in analytical, organic, biochemistry, physical, and inorganic chemistry, with most faculty having research programs that cross over traditional divisional boundaries.

Our graduate degree offerings include:

Master of Science in Chemistry

Our Master of Science in Chemistry degree program features three options:  Master’s Degree with Thesis, Master’s Degree with Thesis Substitute, and Master’s Degree (Non-Thesis).

Program details


Ph.D. in Chemistry

Our Ph.D. program includes an industrial internship.

Program details

Currently, we have research programs involving such varied and important topics as building analytical instrumentation for the Mars lander, investigating the environmental consequences of fracking on groundwater pollution, developing practical solar CO2 to liquid fuels technology, anti-cancer drug discovery, and development, designing and testing green catalysts, developing a better understanding of enzyme kinetics and function, especially those incorporating transition metals in their active sites, total synthesis of complex natural molecules, and enhanced methods for chiral separations and quantification. To get a better idea of the range of research underway in the department and to identify faculty and research programs that interest you, visit our faculty members webpage! Our students enjoy working closely with the faculty in a growing department that retains a small department, collegial atmosphere.

We are very proud of our faculty and our students, but also of our department’s state-of-the-art laboratories and instrumentation, including over $20 million in modern instrumentation as part of the Shimadzu Institute for Research Technologies, plus a regular suite of high field NMRs, XRD, and surface analysis equipment. As mentioned above, an industrial internship is a required component of the doctoral degree at UTA and, in fact, is one of the more popular components of our program and distinguishes us from most other doctoral chemistry programs.

We hope you will consider us for your graduate school education. We have one of the best programs in the North Texas region and are aiming to be among the best nationally. We are located in the geographic center of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, five minutes from AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys), 20 minutes from D-FW Airport, and 30 minutes from either Dallas or Fort Worth. Living costs in Arlington are relatively inexpensive and we offer competitive scholarships with partial tuition remission for qualifying graduate students.


Graduate Student Recruiting Contact

Chair: Saiful Chowdhury, associate professor
Office: Chemistry Physics Building (CPB) Room 352

Graduate Program Coordinator: Stephanie Henry
Office: Science Hall (SH) Room 303