Success In Chemistry Courses

For some students, General Chemistry (CHEM 1441 and CHEM 1442) will be extremely interesting and exciting. For those students, remember to take advantage of every resource you have and get involved with the department. Talk to professors and figure out all the opportunities there are at UTA to get involved in chemistry and the fascinating research being conducted at this University.

However, not everyone will think as fondly of chemistry. For those who aren’t as excited about it, remember that many fields of science require a solid knowledge of all the topics learned in chemistry classes, and many other fields require the problem-solving skills that these classes will help develop. The main tool for success in chemistry classes is your ability to stay motivated. Getting an ‘A’ and learning all you need to know is not an impossible task. Putting in the time and effort can actually make this a very reachable goal.

If you feel lost or just need some extra help, then the Chemistry Clinic is an excellent resource. The Chemistry Clinic is located in Science Hall Room 318; it offers free tutoring sessions as well as study resources including chemistry textbooks and test banks containing thousands of questions from old chemistry exams.

Another excellent resource is UTA’s Supplemental Instruction (SI) program, which features peer-facilitated group sessions led by trained students focusing on specific courses such as CHEM 1441 and CHEM 1442. SI sessions are typically held twice a week during the semester and are free to students.

Of course you can always talk to your professors and the TA (teaching assistants) for your class or lab. They are always willing and happy to help.

Use your resources! Be prepared to put in the time and try to stay motivated, remembering that you are working toward whatever educational goals you have set for yourself. A chemistry class may be a fun part of that path to your goal, or it may seem to be a little rough. Whatever the case is, put in the effort and stay motivated and you may be surprised how well you can do!

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Student tips for success in Chemistry

“For information that I have to learn by sheer memorization, such as the long list of anions and compounds, I made my own study sheets of the name with a blank next to it where I had to write it out. There were about 120 of them on each sheet and I did that sheet no less than 20 times. You'd be amazed at how quickly you can do all 120 of the problems after about the fifth or sixth time. After it’s all been said and done, I know that what works for me in general chemistry is being physically involved in concepts (i.e., working them out over and over again). It's much more useful than reading, reading, and reading some more and not having it physically connect with me.”