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Career Development

Career development experiences provide students with opportunities to explore, engage, and develop through practical activities that help them achieve lifelong professional and personal success. This involves building and improving skills and knowledge that will advance their careers, such as time and conflict management, team planning and development, marketable skills, and experience in diverse environments, among others.


Enhance Your Career Development Journey with Academic Courses:

  • Craft a compelling resume, actively engage in career expos, and refine interview skills.
  • Embark on enriching internships and immerse in real-world field experiences and clinicals.
  • Master the art of public speaking within your field and deliver impactful presentations at meetings and conferences aligned with your aspirations.
  • Foster valuable connections by building a robust professional network through college-affiliated and external professional organizations.


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“The reflections in this class prompted me to really reevaluate things that I could be doing in preparation for entering the education field.”
– UTA Student
“I believe Undergraduate Research was very beneficial for me because I gained experience in the field and had something nice to put on my resume.”
– Communication Student