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Research takes center stage throughout your academic adventure, from undergraduate all the way to doctoral and post-doctoral levels. It's an exhilarating exploration that transcends disciplinary boundaries, empowering you to engage in cutting-edge investigations across various fields of study. Embrace the thrill of discovery as you delve into the world of research-driven learning and uncover the endless possibilities that await!



Examples of research in academic courses may include having students:

  • Collect data through surveys and personal interviews, then analyze their findings and relate the data to course content.
  • Conduct naturalistic observations in an organization, social setting, etc.
  • Develop original works through creative practice and activities
  • Participate in research through a variety of methodologies


person typing on a laptop, phone and glasses beside them. Stats on something is displayed on the screen.          four students gathered around a table with their laptops, a bookshelf in the background          two students sitting at a table with their laptops, one of them is writing on a piece of paper


“While the project was daunting at first and I had some concerns, I knew that we would be able to succeed.”
– UTA Student
“I think that every undergraduate student should conduct at least one undergraduate research project.”
– UTA Communication Student