PDF PLC Presentations 2022


 Breur pdf

Dr. Kimberly Breuer - College of Liberal Arts

 Chatterjee pdf

Dr. Karishma Chatterjee and Dr. Roger Gans - College of Liberal Arts

 kilpatrick pdf

Dr. Cynthia D. Kilpatrick - College of Liberal Arts


 Cummins and Mason pdf

Dr. Molly Wiant Cummins and Melanie A. Mason - College of Liberal Arts

 Raley pdf

Amber B. Raley - College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs

 Schuman image

Dr. Donna L. Schuman and Brittany Usman - School of Social Work and Global Education Outreach

 spivey image

Dr. Christy Spivey - College of Business

 Nila image

Dr. Nilakshi Veerabathina - College of Science


Arenas pdf

Karla Arenas-Itotia, Dr. Rachel VothSchrag,
Dr. Saltanat, Childress, Tracy Orwig, Erin Carlson,
Lynda Jarrell, and Jennifer Roye -
School of Social Work


philip pdf

Dr. Heather E. Philip - College of Business


yoon image

Dr. Jiyoon Yoon - College of Education

Harper and Roper pdf

Dr. De’An Roper and Kiva Harper - School of Social Work


Milson pdf

Andrew J. Milson - College of Liberal Arts


semingson pdf

Dr. Peggy Semingson - College of Liberal Arts


Woody image

Cynthia S. Woody - College of Education

shavel image

Dr. Sherece Shavel - School of Social Work


PLC Large Group Showcase 2022