PLC Leadership Team

PLC Leadership Team

Dr. Andrew M. Clark

QEP Director

Asssociate Director, Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence, Office of the Provost

Associate Director, Department of Communication

Dr. Clark


Phone #: 817-272-3054

Office: Trinity Hall, 750 Greek Row Dr, Arlington, TX 76013

Dr. Peggy L. Semingson

PLC Facilitator

Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Peggy Semingson

Dr. Justin T. Dellinger

PLC Facilitator

Learning Analytics Program Coordinator, Department of Psychology

Justin Dellinger

Melanie Mason, M.A.

PLC Facilitator

Lecturer, Department of Communication

Melanie Mason

Dr. Nilakshi Veerabathina

PLC Facilitator

Associate Professor of Instruction, Department of Physics

Nilakshi Veerabathina