Student Teamwork Guide

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A central part of our Quality Enhancement Plan is an open-access Student Teamwork Guide developed by UTA faculty,  staff, and students for anyone teaching in courses that involve collaboration. The guide is modular so that instructors can use the whole guide for use in a class, or choose the sections that may be relevant.

We also offer a companion Instructor Guide with case studies, class exercises, and lesson plans for anyone interested in enhancing and assessing teamwork.


Since Fall 2019, the Teamwork Guide has been used in all of our first year experience courses (UNIV 1131) which are primarily taught by Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) with faculty assistance. These PAL's have developed lesson plans for using the guide and introducing teamwork into the courses. Here is a link to the UTA Library Research Common's repository, where you can find a sample of the lesson plans.

Over 6,000 students used the guide in some form in their courses. Surveys and reflections were used to measure our Student Learning Outcomes. Data from the surveys is being analyzed and will be released soon. The following is a link to the Student Teamwork Guide.

Student Teamwork Guide Survey and Reflection

Thank you for using the Student Teamwork Guide. As we seek to understand the usefulness of the guide in helping you understand the importance of teamwork and its application to your area of study, we would like you to fill out a short Pre Survey before you use the guide, and a short Post Survey after using the guide. There is also a short reflection to give you an opportunity to let us know what you have learned through the guide.

Pre Survey

If you have not yet used this book and are a student enrolled at UTA, we invite you to participate in this short pre-survey by clicking on the link below.


Post Survey  

If you are a current UTA student that used this guide in a course or for personal growth, we invite you to complete this brief post-survey using the QR code or click the image below.



Now that you have gone through this guide, we invite you to reflect on what you have learned about teamwork.

  1. What does effective teamwork look like to you?
  2. In what ways has your attitude toward teamwork changed as a result of what you have learned through this guide? If you do not believe it has changed please tell us why you think that is so.
  3. Based on the material in the guide, what are some ways that you will apply what you have learned about teamwork in the classroom?
  4. What are some ways that you will apply what you have learned about teamwork in your occupation?

Please use the QR code or click the image below to complete the reflection.