Overnight Housing


Our residence halls provide participants with the opportunity to experience residential life on a college campus. Each residence hall community features unique sizes, campus locations, and accommodations; one of our residence halls is sure to meet your needs. See the variety of amenities and community features each residence hall has to offer. For more specific information about the rooms and buildings, visit UTA’s Apartment and Resident Life Website. Please note that not all residence halls may be available for summer occupancy.

Residence Halls

Discover Arlington Hall’s spacious double and private (triple) occupancy suites. Centrally located on campus, Arlington Hall is your gateway to everything you need – just steps away from the University Center, College Park District, UTA Business Building, and many other academic buildings.  

Arlington Hall holds unique features for camp guests. Camps will have access to on-site volleyball and basketball courts. Plus, a one-of-a-kind patio with stunning views of the surrounding area, making it the perfect place to unwind and socialize.  

For more specific information click on Arlington Hall.

Arlington Hall

Affectionately known as Kalpana Chawla Hall, KC Hall offers double and private (triple) occupancy suites. Nestled at the heart of campus, KC Hall provides access to key locations including the University Center, College Park District, UTA Business Building, and the new Nursing and Social Work Building. 

KC Hall offers large study lounges and a large great room with a full kitchen that can meet any camp’s needs.   

For more specific information click on KC Hall.

Outside of KC hall

Visit Vandergriff Hall, located in the heart of the College Park District and nestled on the east side of campus, Vandergriff Hall provides comfortable double-occupancy suites, perfect for any camp. Vandergriff Hall holds an array of dining options in the bustling College Park District, including favorite options like Panera Bread and Pie 5. 

Vandergriff Hall offers a hub for activities, with an outdoor BBQ area, outdoor patios on each floor, and captivating views of Spaniolo Drive and College Park Center from our iconic sky bridge and study lounges.   

For more specific information click on Vandergriff Hall.

Vandergriff hall overhead view

Welcome to West Hall, UTA's newest on-campus residence hall. West Hall’s spacious double occupancy suites provide a comfortable experience for all guests.  You'll find West Hall is just a short walk away from the Commons, one of UTA's student centers, and the Maverick Activity Center. 

 West Hall features an expansive outdoor lounging area, complete with hammocks. West Hall is one of the only residence halls with kitchens on every floor, offering more space than any other residence at UTA.

For more specific information click on West Hall.

Exterior of West Hall Buildings

For Summer 2024 - The summer camps and conferences season will be from May 28th through July 29th. Below are the summer programs’ housing rates:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact conferences@exchange.uta.edu



Private Double Room
(x2 Beds)

Private Suite
(x3 Beds)*

Arlington Hall  $30 $56 $78
KC Hall $30 $56 $78
West Hall $32 $60
Vandergriff Hall $32 $60

*Private Rate is applied in instances where a room/suite with multiple beds is used as a single (i.e. counselor rooms, guests requesting to stay alone).

All room rates are quoted per bed space per night.
All rates are subject to change.


All camps will be charged one of two possible administrative fees. UTA Guest Services will assign the administrative fee based on which option is less for the camp. 

Admin Fee 5%of the entire conference final bill

UTA Parking

Find all of the approved parking lots for summer camps on campus.