Key Control


You may order keys at any time you need them.  Key Control’s heavy orders are seasonal and the rush is toward the start and end of each semester, including summer classes.  During a seasonal rush, you should expect longer processing times.
Before ordering a key, make sure you don’t already have that key.  Please avoid ordering duplicates as this will slow the processing.  Duplicates are not issued.  The best time to order is once you know that you will need them.  Please allow sufficient time for processing.  Avoid last minute orders.
Double check your key order for accuracy prior to sending to Key Control.  Orders are filled based on the information supplied to us.  It is also possible the key was a miss-cut key or simply worn out.  Return the key for a replacement.  Key Control will provide this information to the locksmith shop for corrective action.
You must file a report with Key Control and make a police report.  Obtain all report numbers for your records.  You are financially responsible for the cost of replacement keys.  Payment can be made to the Student Accounts office or through your MyMav account online.  Bring the receipt to Key Control with a new, completed key request form for the replacements.
Usually 24 hours depending on the locksmith’s work load.  Seasonal orders take longer.  Be assured we are working to get your keys to you as soon as possible.  If your key order has been longer than two weeks, please call and let us know.
A key audit is done annually and is used to help departments/colleges and the key holder to do a review of their keys and return what is no longer needed.

Staff List

Kelian Slagle


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Doug Stultz

Lead Locksmith

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Support Specialist II

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