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Robin Macaluso

Robin Macaluso

Associate Professor

Office: 103 Chemistry Research Building (CRB)
Phone: 817 272 1762
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Louisiana State University, Education
Ph.D. Louisiana State University, Chemistry
Post Doctorate: Argonne National Laboratory, 2004-2006 (John Mitchell)

Crystal growth of intermetallics

Synthesis of novel oxynitrides

Neutron and X-ray scattering


Robin Macaluso recently joined University of Texas at Arlington as Associate Professor in January 2015. She came to this appointment from University of Northern Colorado where she was an associate professor (2011-2014) and assistant professor (2006-2011). Prior to this position, Robin was a postdoctoral researcher at Argonne National Laboratory in the Materials Science Division where she worked with Dr. Ray Osborn and Dr. John Mitchell to synthesize and investigate magnetic behavior of emergent intermetallic compounds. In 2004, Robin received her PhD in Chemistry from Louisiana State University under the guidance of Prof. Julia Chan (now at University of Texas at Dallas).

The Macaluso research group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of two groups of solid-state compounds: novel rare-earth intermetallics and oxynitrides. Her work has been previously funded by National Science Foundation and the Research Corporation. Her research is currently supported by NSF CAREER and ACS Petroleum Research Fund.

Robin Macaluso is also actively involved in supporting non-traditional students and high school teachers in science. She has previously directed scholarship programs (supported by NSF) to attract community college students into baccalaureate chemistry programs.

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This article is represented on the issue cover.

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Synergistic Publications

R. W. Schwenz and R. T. Macaluso, “A Data-Driven Exercise to Help Students’

Understanding of Relationships between Periodic Trends and Zeff, 2011”, Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource.

With Kimberly A.O. Pacheco, Courtney W. Willis and Wayne E. Jones, “X‐Ray Diffraction”, in

Nanotechnology in Undergraduate Education, Kimberly A.O. Pacheco, Richard W. Schwenz and Wayne E.Jones, editors, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 2010.

External Funding:

2012 American Chemical Society, Petroleum Research Fund, New Directions Program v

2010 National Science Foundation CAREER Award

2010 National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation (scanning electron microscope)

2009 National Science Foundation Scholarships in Science, Technology and Mathematics


2013 IUPAC Young Observer Fellowship, National Academy of Sciences

2013 Excellence in Scholarship Award, University of Northern Colorado

2012 University Distinguished Scholar, University of Northern Colorado

2012 Excellence of Scholarship Award, College of Natural & Health Sciences

2011 Faculty Member of the Game Award (Selected by student athlete to be honored at basketball game)

2009 New Faculty Recognition in Sponsored Programs (University of Northern Colorado)

2009 Mortar Board Outstanding Professor Award (University of Northern Colorado)

2008 University of Maryland College Park/National Institute of Standards and Technology Neutron Outreach Program Honorarium