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Master of Science in Nursing

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program at UT Arlington. As an integral component of UTA, the College of Nursing and Health Innovation seeks to assure quality health care for the people of Texas through excellence in education, scholarship, and service. Here you’ll find not only an outstanding curriculum, but an exceptional degree of integrity and caring among students and faculty alike. We want you to meet your educational and professional goals and work with you to ensure your success.

We’re glad you’re considering UT Arlington and the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, and we welcome you to visit, call, or email us to learn more about our programs.

Please note: Application deadlines for the College of Nursing and Health Innovation are different than those for the University.

  • Fall - applications are due May 1st
  • Spring - applications are due September 1st

For more information:

Prospective students seeking information about our Accelerated Online programs may use this contact form.

Master of Science in Nursing Programs:

Post-Master's Certificate Nurse Practitioner Programs:

  • All On-Campus Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner:
    All our Post-Master's Certificate programs include on-campus components.

NOTE: Some graduate programs have required courses and events scheduled on Saturdays. Please consult with the director of the program you are interested in, before applying for admission.

The University of Texas at Arlington (UT Arlington) College of Nursing and Health Innovation has prepared Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Nursing Administrators, and Nurse Educators since 1975. Our faculty are nationally certified in their area of specialization and actively involved in clinical practice.

Graduates of our Nurse Practitioner programs practice in a variety of settings and are hired as expert health care providers.

The Nursing Administration Program prepares health care leaders who hold executive positions in a variety of settings.

MSN Philosophy

Master’s education builds on a foundation of undergraduate nursing education and provides specialty practice with an expanded theoretical and empirical knowledge base. The Master of Science in Nursing program prepares Registered Nurses for advanced functional roles that require increased accountability, expertise, and leadership. Graduates are prepared to provide evidence-based health care in collaboration with other health care providers and consumers.

MSN Outcomes

The graduate is provided a background to

  1. Demonstrate competence in an advanced nursing role.
  2. Participate in scholarly endeavors to advance nursing knowledge.
  3. Provide leadership in professional nursing and interdisciplinary health care.

The Nursing Education Program prepares faculty to teach in Associate and Baccalaureate Nursing programs and in education positions in health care delivery systems.

The MSN program offers courses with evening classes, all-day classes scheduled approximately every other week, Saturday classes, and some distance education (DE) courses. We also offer a fully online Nursing Administration and Nursing Education Programs as accelerated online.

Clinical Requirements

The clinical requirements included in the  MSN Nursing Education and  MSN and Certification Nurse Practitioner programs at UTA are intended to provide students with experiential learning opportunities to enable them to transition successfully into the role of the nurse educator or nurse practitioner. An essential part of each clinical experience is active, hands-on practice, guided by a licensed preceptor with expertise in their advanced nursing practice specialty.

Clinical placement at The University of Texas at Arlington in the graduate nursing department is a collaborative process with each student. Students are asked to locate a preceptor which is aligned with their program requirements; however, the Graduate Nursing Department will provide assistance with clinical placement when a student is experiencing difficulty. Clinical placement policies are available in the Graduate Nursing clinical management system, InPlace and are available to all students upon admission.

Graduate Nursing Vaccine Requirements